When Worship Leaders Hide Sin

When Worship Leaders Hide Sin

This is gonna be a short post, mostly because I don’t have much to say on the subject (which is rare). This might be a post you share with your team as a way of checking up on them, or maybe this post is for you. This just has been weighing heavy on my heart recently for Worship Leaders.

I’ve seen way too many people called by God to be Worship Leaders waste their calling and integrity by simply hiding their sin.

The goal of a Worship Leader is NOT to be perfect, but rather to be faithful to the calling God has placed on their life. Yes, be a great spouse, a great parent, all that, but also be human. This includes confessing your sin and working through it in community.

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How do you combat quiet or secret sin in your life? Talk to someone.

Seriously, I’m begging you, just TALK to someone.

When you’re struggling with something, anything, talk to someone. Whether temptation or regret for current sin, just talk to someone. Don’t wait. Remember: Human not perfection.

Speaking from experience, I know that the fear of being exposed is a cruel master that never brings relief. Don’t be fooled into thinking that hiding something will make it better. The thing about sin is that it grows in isolation, and it’s destroyed when exposed to His light.

James 5:16 says, “Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be HEALED.” The purpose of confession is HEALING. Don’t wait.

If you go to your Pastor, Worship Pastor, or just someone you trust, you can walk through anything together. I would almost guarantee that the leaders in your life would give anything to walk through something like this with you, rather than have to response to the aftermath.

Sure, you might not be leading worship for a time, but that’s better than RUINING YOUR LIFE. Far better.

“So that you may be HEALED.”

Isn’t it time to experience that healing rather than the heavy weight of guilt?

Talk to someone. Don’t wait. Be healed. In Jesus name.

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