How to Best Serve Your Pastor

How to Best Serve Your Pastor

If you’re on staff at a church, you relationship with your Pastor can really dictate your experience there. I’ve had the good fortune of working for several Pastors that I both respect and followed gladly (SHOUT OUTS to Dawson, Ribera, & Stone), but that’s not to say that I’ve always served them well.

To say your relationship with your pastor is complicated is be an understatement. Yes, your Pastor is your boss. But they are also your Pastor, your spiritual leader. They can also be a friend, a supporter, and even at times a member of your team.

No matter your position on the staff team, your goal for your relationship with your Pastor should be to serve the well. We see support for this in Bible where church leaders are shown to be worthy of honor (1 Tim 5:17) and that obedience and submission to them is good (Hebrews 13:17). Assuming that your Pastor is leading in a way that honors God, serving your Pastor is paramount to your ability to serve God in your role.

Worship Leaders have an especially important role in serving our Pastors because we work so closely in helping them in one of their main tasks of leading the Church on a weekly basis. Knowing how we can specifically serve our Pastors well will not only help us to be more effective, but will also make our jobs even more enjoyable.

Check out these 6 ways that you can serve your Pastor better, starting today!

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1. Be On Their Team

I mean, yea, you’re physically on their team already, but are you REALLY on their team? My wife and I use this phrase a lot in our marriage. How you act, what you say, the way you do things, and more can VISIBLY show someone that you’re REALLY on their team.

Learn what that looks like for Pastor, as its probably different for everyone. Does that mean helping them develop the sermon series they have in their brains, or does that mean doing a song you’re not crazy about but they know ties in really well with their message? I don’t know, but you NEED to know how to show you Pastor that you’re on their team.

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2. Be Completely Honest With Them

A yes man is no good to anyone. Agreeing with every idea that comes out of your Pastor’s mouth may be great for their ego, but its crappy for their ability to grow and make good decisions. Holding back your opinion, especially when asked for it isn’t helpful either.

Always err towards honesty, even when you don’t think it will be popular. You need to know what’s appropriate for your position (i.e. Youth Worship Guy, don’t go ranting to your Pastor every time a song is done on Sunday that you don’t like) and how to communicate with honesty RESPECTFULLY. Humility goes a long way when being honest with your Pastor.

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3. Take Care of Yourself

You know how during the safety presentation on an airplane they tell you to put your own mask on before helping with others? That’s because you can’t help anyone if you’re dead.

That’s a bit extreme in this case, but the principle carries. You can’t serve your Pastor AT ALL if you don’t take care of your own walk. I’d dare say that most Worship Leaders who disqualify themselves because they have a moral failure or experience burnout aren’t much help at all to their Pastors.

When you’re taking care of your personal spiritual walk, you’re serving your Pastor. When you’re doing things to be a great spouse or parent, you’re serving your Pastor. I think you get it. Put your mask on first, so that you can serve your Pastor well. #MixedMetaphors

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4. Learn to Anticipate

Responding to needs is a good way to serve your Pastor, but learning to ANTICIPATE their needs and preferences is the highest level of service. Anticipating means that you’re making moves and decisions that help your Pastor before they even know they need it.

For example, if you learn how your Pastor likes to craft a service, you can start to plan things just by knowing the topic for the morning. By anticipating their preferences, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the curve for them and help them stay ahead in their own planning. Take the time to learn your Pastors preferences and tendencies so that you can anticipate their needs.

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5. Learn How to Compliment Them

Sure, tell them their shirt makes them look good, but that’s not what I mean. When I say compliment, I want you to think Hand-In-Glove. If your Pastor has an evangelistic bent, don’t try to program a service that doesn’t give them room to present the Gospel. Do your best to COMPLIMENT who God has called them to be as a Pastor and how God has called them to lead.

Find ways that you can shift or change what you do to better fit the way they do things. Maybe your Pastor is a big planner and you’re not. Learn how to think ahead and plan with them. Maybe your Pastor doesn’t like a lot of music after their message. Program so that you have all your music at the top of a service. Use your brain and find ways that you can better fit your Pastor. #HandInGlove

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6. Learn How to Disagree

While all of these are important, this one is one of the biggies. Programming services, including music, sermons, creative elements and more, is not an exact science. Everyone has preferences and opinions, and they aren’t always the same. You need to learn how to deal with HEALTHY CONFLICT with your Pastor.

This isn’t just a set of rules or even a chapter in a human resources book, but its about knowing your Pastor and how they process things. If your Pastor is the kind of person that likes to hash it all out in the moment, then learn how to do that. If your Pastor likes to take time to think about everything before talking, then learn how to stew on it.

This is going to require you to learn how to voice your disagreement in a way that will be received well by your Pastor. Doing this will not only serve them well, but it will help you to have a more productive relationship with your Pastor. Dealing with conflict well shows your Pastor respect and honor.

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