How Easter Changed the Way We Worship

How Easter Changed the Way We Worship

Every year, Christians all over the world take time to celebrate the defining moment of Christ’s life and ministry: his death & resurrection.  It would not be an understatement to say that Easter changed everything.  It changed how we view our salvation, how we relate to God, and so much more.

Easter also changed the way that we worship.  I don’t mean superficially or simply the method in which we worship, but the very nature of how we worship.  Here’s 3 ways Jesus changed the way that we worship:

1. The Barrier Between God & Man Was Destroyed.

After Jesus sacrificed himself for us, we no longer had a need to go through a priest to have access to God.  Before Jesus, there was a strict and rigid system of how we could even access God.  We had layers of religion to go through, priests and sacrifices were required to do anything.  Jesus is now the perfect priest, our connection to God.  Now that this barrier is destroyed, every person has equal opportunity to access Him, even those who put Him on the cross.

2. Jesus Was the Perfect & Final Sacrifice.

Like I mentioned before, before Jesus, we were required to bring our own, insufficient sacrifices to God to atone for sins and receive forgiveness. We no longer need to bring grain or animals to sacrifice as offerings. Jesus was the Lamb offered up to God, and is now the Bread, broken for us, and the Wine, poured out freely.  Jesus’ sacrifice absolved us of continuing these rituals of sacrifice, because He provided Himself as the ultimate sacrifice to the Lord, for our salvation.

3. We No Longer Burdened By the Law.

The law outlined how we were supposed to and allowed to commune with God. While the law is still useful and deserves our attention, we don’t have to work or fight to be perfect to be able to worship the Lord. If we claim Christ as our Lord, His righteousness covers us and makes our worship acceptable to the Lord. Jesus is the complete fulfillment of the law, so we are no longer burdened by the weight of the law in our worship.

I hope this weekend as you spend time with your church family worshiping our risen Lord, that you take a moment to be grateful for how everything truly changed for our good.

We no longer have to rely on religion to have access to God.  We don’t have to bring our fleeting sacrifices anymore. We’re not burdened by the crushing weight of the law.

Easter changed everything about how we worshipped, so lets give everything we have in our worship of his great victory this weekend.  I’m praying that God moves in a big way in your church this weekend, and I hope you’re reminded of His great love for us.

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