on Baby Break

Hey guys!

As you may or may not know, my wife and I are close to the arrival of our first child, Addison Elise!  I couldn’t be more excited to be a dad, and I know Abrie feels the same way, but is also excited to not be pregnant anymore (can I get an amen from the moms out there?!?).

With that said, I’m gonna be taking a break for the next few weeks from writing.  I could push through and have some posts up, but there are 2 reasons I don’t want to do that:

1. I don’t want to compromise the quality of content.

I know my brain is going to be on so many other things than getting posts up here, and I want to be completely free to do that.  Also, I want to make sure you guys are getting only the best stuff at, so I’m not willing to lower the standard, even for a short period of time.

2. My family will always come first.

You’ve maybe heard the Spurgeon quote, “begin as you mean to go on, and go on as you began, and let the Lord be all in all to you.”  I know I’m going to suck at putting my family first sometimes, and I’m sure I’ll compromise at times, but I want to begin as a father as I intend to go on.  I love you guys, but I love my girls more.  #SorryNotSorry

This won’t be a long break, probably a few weeks at most, but know that we’ll be back with some great posts, including our first Set Build post, some great 5 Questions posts (guys like Bradley Hodges, Aaron Niequist, & Duane Mixon), and even more to come.  If you don’t mind, take a moment to pray for my wife, our daughter, and for the entire labor process.  Love you guys!

– Chris

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