Seeds Conference 2015 | Main Session 7 – Greg Laurie

Seeds Conf - MS 7

Music Recap

The night started out with You (with their “Black Keys” arrangement), You Brought Me Back to Life, Never Once (really awesome, low key arrangement), & then the opener from last year (sans Kabuki screen) Oceans into Alive.

After this, Whit came up and set up the last half of the music set.  This part started with a drama piece done by Chris Munch that they used for their “Enough” series.  This was really great, especially with how it flowed into No Longer Slaves right after.  This set ended with Pastor Willie coming up and closing it out with a call to salvation, a really moving time and perfect for leading right into Greg Laurie.

The night ended after Greg’s message with a bang by going back into All We Are with another group-wide dance party.

Message Recap: Greg Laurie

Pastor Greg’s message started with a promo for an event he’s organizing in November called Harvest America which will be held at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, TX.  It’ll be streaming live and they are aiming to have one of the largest evangelistic meetings in the history of North America.

He started with the idea that we all have a race to run, and that it isn’t about just how we start the race, but also how we end it.  He quoted a stat that for every 20 people who enter ministry, by age 65, only 1 will still be in ministry.  That seems about right.

Seeds Conference 2015 | Breakouts – Friday

Seeds Conf - Breakouts - Friday

Here’s three more recaps from the breakouts I attended today. They include:

Section Communities: How They’re Changing Our Church with Ethan Vanse

Storytelling, Part 1: The Art of the Interview with Angie Woods

Storytelling, Part 2: The Art of the Edit with Gary Hornstien & Chris Munch

Section Communities: How They’re Changing Our Church with Ethan Vanse

Full Disclosure: My group got back from lunch a few minutes late, so I missed a few mins of the intro, but I don’t think it effects what I got out of the breakout.

If you want any of the resources that they are using at COTM, you can CLICK HERE.

They started off the session with a video they used when they launched sections.  It was basically Chris Munch on stage explaining what sections were, and they had people in the audience asking some FAQ’s.  Some were designed to help people understand what sections were, and others were hilarious examples of what they weren’t.

Good principle here: You can use humor to ease the tension of introducing change.

Seeds Conference 2015 | Main Session 6 – Willie George

Seeds Conf - MS 6

No music this session, but Whit did set up this hilarious video about the importance of audio volunteers for the bands.  Basically, they overdubbed some live video of the band with instruments that aren’t quite and comically bad vocals, insenuating that audio tech have a suck button they can dial up and down (which still may or may not be true).  If I can find it, I’ll link it here later.

Seeds Conference 2015 | Main Session 5 – Tom & Todd Mullins

Every conference has one.  You know, the wild card session.  Typically someone you don’t know real well, and it could go either way.  Well, Tom & Todd Mullins from Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach, FL certainly exceeded my expectations.

They talked about the importance of transitioning a church well and shared their personal experience with it.  Great session, lets get into the recap.

Seeds Conf - MS 5

Music Recap

I’ve been digging what these guys have been doing in the mornings.  They’ve been doing a full band, a different band from the night sessions, but they are more subdued.  Not quite acoustic, but definitely more mellow, and I’ve been loving the arrangement of the tunes.

They did a great, chill version of Love Goes On and went right into a sick version of Scandal of Grace.  Really love what they did to bring the focus back to the lyrics and heart of the songs.  Sounded great, and was really well received by the conference.

Seeds Conference 2015 | Main Session 4 – Steven Furtick

Seeds Conf - MS 4

Music Recap

Band started out strong with a cool dance number, I think its called All We Are but I can’t find an artist with it, complete with a dance cam.  Good times.

This moved into a segment with everyone’s favorites, Josh Merrill & Chris Munch.  The whole bit was about how they have decided they wanted to be worship leaders, and it was CHOCK FULL of some pretty solid WL zings.  You could probably guess: skinny jeans, weird hair cuts, scarves, the usual suspects.

This moved into a video of their new genre-starting single (and the genre is Spoken Worship or just Wordship for short, catchy), “Calling All Artists.”  This was GOLD.  #HaveAMovement  Watch it, you’ll get it.

Calling All Artists (from SeedsConf 2015) from Church on the Move on Vimeo.

Anyways, this rolled into Back to Life, into Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace), and finally into a mash up of This I Believe / Stronger (Bridge Only) / With Everything (only Whoa’s).  The mash up was fantastic, great choice, a lil repetitive for my preference, but still very impactful.

Seeds Conference 2015 | Breakouts – Thursday

Seeds Conf - Breakouts - Thursday

Thursday brought several opportunities for great breakouts.  Well, literally, there were 3 opportunities to catch the breakouts that looked best for you.  What follows is my recap of the three breakouts I chose to attend today: 

Seeds Conference 2015 | Main Session 3 – Patrick Lencioni

Seeds Conf - MS 3

Message Recap: Patrick Lencioni

Patrick is one of my favorite voices when it comes to leadership and specifically building healthy organizations.  His book, The Advantage, has helped change my thinking on organizational change and health, go check it out.

Let me warn you: this recap has A LOT of lists because Patrick is a lists guy.  If you like lists, you’ll love this one.

The main focus of his message the importance of Teamwork.  He stressed the importance of asking “Why teamwork?”  He said it is essential if we want to build the healthiest possible organization.  He argues, as he does in his book above, that organizational health is the most important feature of a healthy organization.