Weekend Preview | Fracture: Part 3 – Difficult Circumstances


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Have you ever been in the middle of a storm?

I’m talking about a thundering downpour that makes you worry about your safety.  I grew up on the coast, and these kinds of storms were not out of the norm, especially during hurricane season.

There were times when I was out playing with friends, and I was caught in the middle of these storms.  These storms were simply overwhelming.  They come on quickly, and I couldn’t see the end of them.  Worst of all, there is nothing I could do to stop it.

These storms are similar to difficult circumstances in our lives.

Weekend Preview | Fracture: Part 2 – Personal Choices

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You choices matter.

That truth is taught to us in most of our lives.  Even from a very young age, parents will teach their kids that their choices can dictate the quality and direction of their lives.

  • You touch a hot stove, you’ll get burned.

  • Get good grades, you’ll be rewarded.

  • Be kind to others, you’re often treated kind in return.

Understanding the power of our personal choices isn’t so much about learning how to get what you want as it is about knowing how your actions dictate the quality and direction of your life.  However, we don’t always make the best choices.

Weekend Preview | Fracture: Part 1 – Fractured Stories

By Chris Denning

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Stories are absolutely everywhere.  Any movie you’ve seen, any book you’ve read, any show you’ve watched; they are all filled with stories.

Stories motivate us, they drive us to be more, they help us heal, and even teach us how to live our lives.  Jesus knew all this, which is why he used mini-stories, called Parables, to teach his disciples and those who could hear about His ideals for life.

While stories vary in quality or size, one fact remains true:

Everybody has a story.

Good.  Bad.  Big.  Small.  Funny.  Tragic.

We all have a story.

Weekend Preview | We Can’t Stay Here: Part 3 – We Have to Go

Journey Blog - WCSH

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Have you ever felt like you weren’t ready to go?  You know, like with both big things and small things.

I’m not ready to start my new business.

I’m not ready to try again.

I’m not ready to join a life group.

I’m not ready to love again.

Sometimes, these feelings are valid and supported by truth.  However, most times, we tend to stop ourselves because of bad perceptions and lies.

I’m not ready to start my new business, because I need to have every step planned . . . Lie.

I’m not ready to try again, because I need more time to feel sorry for myself . . . Lie.

I’m not ready to join a life group, because I don’t have my stuff together . . . Lie.

I’m not ready to love again, because I’m going to ruin it again . . . Lie.

Again, I’m not talking about people who haven’t had the time to grieve or process properly.  I’m talking about the Ready, Set, Go people.

The people who feel like they must have a detail plan that addresses everything to do with the “Go” and needs everything else in their life to be completely perfect before they can “Go.”

This isn’t just a bad way to live, its not the way God has called us to live.  Just look at this snapshot from the story of Joshua leading the Israelites to the Promised Land:

Give this command to the priests who carry the Ark of the Covenant: ‘When you reach the banks of the Jordan River, take a few steps into the river and stop there.’”

Joshua 3:8 NLT 

God didn’t lay out the entire plan for them.  He wanted them to take a few steps first before He revealed what came next.  Faith was absolutely necessary for the Israelites to step into what God had for them.

The same goes for us.

I’m a planner, and I love to have everything mapped out, but sometimes, if God is calling me to do something, maybe I need to just start GOING in the anticipation that God will show me the HOW along the way.

This weekend, we’re taking some time to talk about the danger of the “Ready, Set, Go” mentality, and see how God really calls us to a “GO, Get Set, Ready” mentality.  Come ready to be challenged and encouraged to step out in faith like never before, as we conclude our series, We Can’t Stay Here.

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Weekend Preview | We Can’t Stay Here – Part 2: We Have to Change

Journey Blog - WCSH

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Last week, we talked about how we can’t stay here, why, and where we’re going.

This week, we’re talking about how in order for us to move forward, we have to change.

Change is a necessity in life.  In order to grow, you must change.  Yes, change can be uncomfortable, awkward, and even painful, but without it, you go nowhere.

As a church, we need to be constantly open to change.  We need to be flexible in order to humbly point everyone to absolute hope.

This isn’t just true in the church world, but in our every day lives.  Think about how many things you used even 10 years ago that are now obsolete because they didn’t change with the times.

Think about the other side of the coin.  Companies who have adapted and changed in order to grow have thrived: IBM, Apple, and GE have all changed completely in order to move forward into what was next for their organizations.

Simply put:

You cannot have progress without change, and you cannot have change without challenging the process.

Change doesn’t mean changing the core of who you are.  Journey Church will still be humbly pointing everyone to absolute hope.  We will still have the same core, the same beliefs, the same values.

However, for us to reach people that no one is reaching, we have to be willing to do things that no one is doing.

That sentence either scares you or invigorates you. 

If it excites you, I challenge you to consider how you can be a part of leading the way with Journey Church.  How can you be a part of finding new ways to humbly point everyone to absolute hope?

If you’re a little nervous about this kind of change, I challenge you to dig into that: Why do you think it hits your fear nerve?  Understand why the idea scares you, then you will be better prepared to grow past your fear.

We are in a place as a church where we need to be ready for what’s next.  We need to be open to what God might be doing in our church & our community in LKN.

Come ready to hear about this kind of change and growth this weekend, and to be challenged to think beyond your comfort zone.  For us to see 3 new campuses, 3,000 Stories of Life Change, and to give $300,000 back to the LKN community, we have to change.

Join us this weekend at 9 or 11am

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