5 Questions with Mark Cole

5 Questions - Mark Cole

This is another great example of how Social Media can make a big world so small. I learned about Mark through a Facebook group we’re both a part of and I’ve been checking out his stuff ever since I found him!

Mark’s a guy who has great perspective when it comes to leading worship and has plenty of experience to back it up. Doesn’t hurt that he’s a Canadian, we seem to have a rash of those on 5 Questions recently.

Along with his insights below, Mark’s got some other great stuff you need to know about that you can find at the bottom of this post. Be sure to catch that, and enjoy 5 Questions with Mark Cole!

5 Questions with Mat Crisp

5 Questions - Mat Crisp

I love it how being online can introduce you to people that you would have probably never met otherwise. Mat is one of those guys for me. I get to write over at Sunday| Magazine every once in a while, and I’ll often check out some of the other writers to see who they are and what’s going on with them.

Mat caught my attention with a post he wrote called 2 Types of Learning You Need to Lead Worship. I loved his practical insights combined with the obvious heart of a pastor, so I started checking out his stuff, including his new record with his wife, Nicole, The Union: Vol. 2. More about that later, you’re not going to want to miss it.

Anyways, the more I checked out his stuff, the more I knew that Mat was a guy you needed to hear from. I reached out, and he’s got some great stuff for you guys today!

Be sure that you stick around to the end of the post to learn how you can get a free copy of their new record, The Union: Vol. 2.

5 Questions with Leslie Jordan of All Sons & Daughters

5 Questions - Leslie Jordan

Today is my birthday and I think I’ve got a treat for myself as well as everyone else! I reached out to Leslie a while ago on Twitter and she was so gracious take take time from her busy schedule to share with us today.

Leslie is a really interesting Worship Leader because along with her recording and traveling with All Sons & Daughters, she’s also creative arts staff and a worship guide at Journey Church in Franklin, TN. Her perspective is something that is needed in the Christian music industry, but she provides a lot of great insights for all kinds of worship leaders.

Take the time to get to know Leslie a little bit, I know you’ll be encouraged!

Stick around til the end of the post to get your chance of getting a FREE copy of my favorite All Sons & Daughters album, Live.

5 Questions with Chad Brewer

5 Questions - Chad Brewer

There’s not many guys I love and respect more than Chad Brewer. Sure, the guy is a great leader and worship leader, but it’s what happens Monday thru Saturday that stands out most to me. 

Chad’s a great husband and father, and someone I’ve looked up to for most of my life. These people are rare in life, and I’m excited to share him with you today!

I think you’ll find Chad’s perspective to be refreshing as well as helpful, especially if you’re having a hard time with the influence or responsibility God has given you right now. Take the time to work through his responses and see if God doesn’t do something in your own life. Check it out!

5 Questions with Kim Bontrager

5 Questions - Kim Bontrager

Kim’s a worship leader who’s been on my radar through my friends over at Recreate Conference. Kim’s name has popped up often, especially with other worship directors I respect.

Her story of how she became a worship leader is not only encouraging, but shows how God calls people in many different ways. Sometimes, it just takes an obedient heart, talent, and opportunity to converge to see God move.

Kim has some really great insights here, and I think you’re really going to enjoy her responses in today’s 5 Questions!

5 Questions with Andi Rozier

5 Questions - Andi Rozier

Near the end of my time in Chicago, my wife and I attended Harvest Bible Chapel out at their Aurora campus. One morning, Andi and his team organized an acoustic set in the round, and ever since that morning, I’ve been following Andi closely.

I really dig guys like Andi, because it’s obvious in the way that he leads that he LOVES Jesus. His work with Vertical Church Band is inspiring and many of the songs they’ve written are sung in churches all over the world.

Andi was kind enough to take some time out to give us his responses to the 5 Questions, and he does not disappoint.  Buckle up and soak up some solid wisdom!

Also, stick around to the end of the post to find out how you can win a FREE copy of Vertical Church Band’s most recent album, Church Songs!

Congrats to Jonathan Claytor for winning the FREE copy of Church Songs from Vertical Church Band!

5 Questions with Fred McKinnon

5 Questions - Fred McKinnon

I’m a huge fan of guys who are invested in the local Church, and Fred is one of those guys.  Fred leads in a little slice of heaven called St. Simons Island down in Georgia.  He’s been leading worship for over 20 years, and has been leading in the local church for almost as long.

He’s more than your average singer with a mic & 4 chords, as he has a composing and theory background as well as some interests in e-commerce.  I appreciate guys who want to do more than simply write some charts and setup a rehearsal, but rather want to see Jesus made known through a thriving and healthy worship ministry.

I think you’re really going to dig Fred’s responses, so go ahead and dive in!