An Awesome PCO Charting Update

Full-screen Editing, New Chart Types, & More!

Awesome PCO Charting Update

In case you couldn’t tell, I LOVE Planning Center Online!  Their Services app has changed the way that I do my job on a daily basis, and they continue to get better and better.  I love them so much that I wrote a PCO charting guide to help you learn how to make the best charts of your life (which you can get for FREE HERE).

Just they other day, they dropped this huge update on us that has made creating the best charts of your life even easier.  Lets start by checking out their intro video and we’ll dig into 3 features that I’m most excited about.

SO MUCH great stuff! I’ve already gotten to play with it a little bit, and I’m in awe of these guys.  Lets take a closer look at 3 features I’m super excited about:

1. Full-screen Editing

This has been a feature that I’ve been dying for since I started using PCO.  What used to require several downloads to see how the chart will appear now is revealed in a side-by-side page setup where you can see how your chart edits effect the final chart IN REAL TIME!

This will shave so much time off my charting and will help me to more easily get the charts I’m looking for.  Also, the nifty quick reference in the top bar for some of the code commands is definitely helpful. This will help you to get more comfortable with the ChordPro language faster than ever.

2. Addition of Numbers/Numeral Options

I’ve worked with several churches who use the Nashville Numbers system or the similar Numerals system.  Simply put, instead of putting the Alphabetic chord names into the chart, they use numbers to represent what chord of the given key is to be played.  This is especially helpful when you want to be flexible in what keys you need to play a song in.

This new option further expands the adaptability of PCO charts.  Allowing Numbers and Numerals as an option for your team can help encourage them to become more comfortable with music theory, but will also help you to provide them with more options to best serve them.  And it simply takes you clicking a button to make it happen, LOVE IT!

3. More SongBook Options

With the addition of Numbers & Numerals, there are more options than ever for your charts beyond capos & lyrics.  PCO has now added the ability for you to isolate exactly what charts you would like to compile in your songbook.

Do you want only capo charts in numbers form?  Done.
Only lyrics with an Order of Service on top?  Done.

PCO has again set us up to serve our teams even better.  These new options will help us get the exact songbook we’re trying to create without having to deal with all the extra charts we don’t need at that moment.

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