Album Review | Invitation :: Volume One – 10,000 Fathers

Album Review - 10,000 Fathers

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10,000 Fathers is a movement and worship school dedicated to not just developing worship leaders, but rather discipling a generation of musicians who serve the church with their songs and their pastoral leadership.  Lead by Aaron Keyes & his team of teachers, 10,000 Fathers is dedicated to help men and women grow into the worship leaders the Church needs, steeped in the Word and focused on helping the local Church worship even better.

Part of 10,000 Fathers’ goal is to see songs rise up out of the students of the school, and Invitation :: Volume One is their first effort in sharing these songs.  Every song, with the exception of “Good, Good Father” from their friends at Housefires, on the record was written by teachers and students of the worship school and are great examples of how great art can come out of intentional discipleship.

One of my good friends, Duane Mixon (be on the lookout for his 5 Questions post), has an awesome re-arrange/written hymn on the record, and he’s talked to me a little bit about some of the background of these tunes.  Knowing some of the stories behind these songs make them even more powerful.

Sure, this record is filled with some great musical & lyrical moments, but what’s more impressive is the intent of the record. I love how eloquently its summed up:

Our hope for this live recording is that this might inspire you to believe that God is everywhere, and fully present in the ordinary moments of your life. In your tears, laughter, joy, and hope . . . He is inviting you to enter into His reality.

This, above all else, is what has really drawn me into this record.  Hearing these songs sung by the community that has helped birth them is not only encouraging, but is invigorating.  There is power in the body of Christ expressing their worship in new ways, and that power, the Holy Spirit, is evident in every corner of this record.

Favorite Lyric

I had to pick two on this one, because there’s so much rich writing here.  First is the Bridge on “Love Lifted Me,” which is essentially the Gospel in verse:

From the pit of sin, from the grip of the grave //
From the dead I have been raised //
I am born again in your matchless grace //
From the dead I’m raised //

Another one of my favorite lyrics on the record is from the Chorus of Greyson Johnston’s “Your Love is All We Need.”  This is a great take on a familiar theme in worship music, love how singable it is, takes the words right out of my mouth:

Even in the darkest night, hope in You gives me life //
Your love is all we need, is all we need //
In every single circumstance, Lord, Your promise stands //
Your love is all we need, is all we need //
Your love is all we need, is all we need //

Musical Highlight

Again, hard to pick just one, so I’ll go with two.  The first moment that really caught my attention was the really beautiful instrumental stuff going on during the instrumental break (starting at 2:26) of Andy Graham’s “Rend the Heavens.”  The perfect guitar tone/part combo paired with the building snare-heavy drum groove & band hits provides the exact musical lead needed to get into the Bridge.  Also, don’t miss that epic driving Chorus at 4:05, SO GOOD!

The second highlight that jumped out at me is the Intro/Verse (0:00-0:38, 1:06-1:32) groove in “Fatherless are Found” from Micah Massey.  Love how well it compliments the piano part and gives a little different feel from the rest of the record.

Songs You Could Use

I think all of these songs are worth a listen, but I think the standouts for use in your next gathering are “Invitation Song,” “Never Ending Love,” & “Love Lifted Me.”  Click here for a free chart for Love Lifted Me!

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