5 Questions with Mark Cole

5 Questions - Mark Cole

This is another great example of how Social Media can make a big world so small. I learned about Mark through a Facebook group we’re both a part of and I’ve been checking out his stuff ever since I found him!

Mark’s a guy who has great perspective when it comes to leading worship and has plenty of experience to back it up. Doesn’t hurt that he’s a Canadian, we seem to have a rash of those on 5 Questions recently.

Along with his insights below, Mark’s got some other great stuff you need to know about that you can find at the bottom of this post. Be sure to catch that, and enjoy 5 Questions with Mark Cole!

Mark Cole


Name  ||  Mark Cole

Church & Role  ||  C3 Church: Church Consultant & Worship Pastor

Main Instrument  ||  Piano & A-Guitar

Fun Fact  ||  I have done music and worship ministry in over 50 countries.

Links  || Website, Facebook, TwitterPraiseCharts

5 Questions

(All Emphasis from Chris)

1) How did you learn to/get into leading worship (mentor, school, etc)?

I grew up in a great church with a strong worship emphasis. After finishing my music degree and traveling in a Christian band for 4 years to over 30 countries, my home church asked me to come home and be the Music Pastor.

2) What is the most helpful habit you have developed as a Worship Leader?

My best daily habit is waking up early and spending time with God reading my Bible and praying. I wouldn’t have survived in ministry all these years without that foundation.

My best daily habit is waking up early and spending time with God reading my Bible and praying. - Mark ColeClick To Tweet

3) What has helped you develop as a Worship Leader?

– Growing up in a great worshiping church.
– Growing comfortable with playing and singing in front of congregations.
– Getting my Bachelor of Music degree.
Regularly watching and working with other strong worship leaders.
– Leading worship 3-5 times a week.

4) What’s one thing you wish you would have known 10 years ago?

That’s a tough question. At this point in my journey, I wish I already had my Master’s degree, so I guess I wish I had known the importance of getting that degree. But having said that, the opportunity is just opening up now for me to start that. So, I believe that God has His own unique timing for every person.

5) If you could only give one piece of advice to a growing Worship Leader, what would it be?

Get all the training, education and experience that you can so you can be highly effective and fruitful all the days of your life.

I believe that God has His own unique timing for every person. - Mark ColeClick To Tweet

I love how Mark says so much with such brevity. I think we all need to be reminded of the high importance of our own relationships with Jesus, and Mark’s encouragement to get up early and do that first thing is a great encouragement.

I’m also a fan of how much Mark appreciates and promotes education. Whether you’re doing it through a traditional university or seminary, or maybe through other means like worship schools, conferences, or even really good books, improving your education will always be a good idea.

If you want to hear more from Mark, then one thing you DEFINITELY need to know about is Mark’s great book, Following God: Notes from a Grand Adventure. Part memoir, part Worship Leader handbook, this is something that would be a great addition to any Worship Leader’s library! Check it out HERE!

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