5 Questions with Jordan Sasser

5 Questions - Jordan Sasser

Part of why I love the 5 Questions so much is it gives me the opportunity to introduce you to some of my friends who are talented worship leaders.  Jordan Sasser is one of those guys.  I know Jordan from college, and the only thing that surpasses his incredible musical talent is his love for God and his family.

Jordan has had the opportunity to lead worship for many churches, including North Point Community Church & others in the Atlanta area where they live in the states, but he is currently finishing a year of living in Costa Rica with his wife, Alex, and their new daughter, Westlund (#GirlDads).  Check out the end of this post to see how you can help them meet their funding goal before they head home!

I’m so glad Jordan was willing to share his responses with us, there is so much great stuff in here.  Also, Alex is an incredible worship leader, and will be sharing her 5 Questions with us soon!  Take your time and dig into his responses, I know you’re going to love getting to know him!

Jordan Sasser


Name  ||  Jordan Sasser
Church & Role  ||  Worship Leader – North Point Community Church & other churches in ATL.
Main Instrument  ||  Voice, Piano
Fun Fact  ||  I sleep with socks on. Every night.  I know; it is what it is.
Links  ||  Instagram, Go Fund Me Campaign

5 Questions

(All Emphasis from Chris)

1) How did you learn to/get into leading worship?

At the end of my middle school years, my youth leaders asked me to sing one Sunday night.  It was a defining moment, as I had not previously sung about Jesus in front of anyone.  God moved in me, & although I loved to sing, there was a new joy that filled me to not just sing, but to sing about something & Someone bigger than words could say.

God’s Spirit ignited a fire in me & I ask Him to use my voice for His purposes.  After that, God put more opportunities in my path, & all of those privileges to lead only increased my passion to lead worship over the years.

2) What is the most helpful habit you have developed as a Worship Leader?

Practicing a life of gratitude.  Gratitude is a gateway to God’s presence.  I also believe it’s the gateway to knowing true joy.  Simply put, gratitude leads us closer to the heart of Jesus.  A habit of giving thanks, both to God & people, is something that has shaped me into the worship leader I am now.  Things don’t always go as planned.. but we can always find something to be grateful for.  We may not get opportunities that we really wanted.. but we can still find reasons to be thankful.

In all worship-leading environments, intentionally thanking the person (or group) for inviting & allowing me to be a part of what’s going on in their ministry is more than just necessary; it’s God’s will for me.  (1Thess.5:18)  I believe having a heart of gratitude sets us up for what God wants to do in & through us.  The Lord continues teaching me to go out of my way to thank people for the privilege to lead worship, wherever that may be.

3) What has helped you develop as a Worship Leader?

Time spent in a secret place with the Lord.  Going somewhere alone, singing my prayers, giving thanks to God & spontaneously worshipping Him with anything & everything on my heart, because He wants it all.  A lot of Matthew 6:6 kind of praying.

When I have a list of songs to lead for a given event, I need to worship alone with those words & melodies before I do so in front of anyone else.  I find that He speaks new things to me.  He calms & fills me to overflowing.  I cry a lot.  He overwhelms me with His love & it prepares me to lead with authenticity when the time comes, so that there will be no faking it.

I often recall times of intimacy with the Lord from several days before while I am leading on a Sunday & it leads me to worship Him with more passion, as He has truly made His presence known to me, not just in a worship service, but in my room with the door closed.  Just me & Him.

My time singing, sometimes shouting, shedding tears & just soaking in who He is are the times that shape all else in my life.  If I am not filled up, I will have nothing to pour out.  The fruit from my time alone with Him will overflow later, when He wants it to.  All of this helps me to lead others with a sincere heart.

4) What’s one thing you wish you would have known 10 years ago?

That my true identity lies in the fact that God fully & lovingly accepts me into His family & I will never receive from people what I was designed to only receive from God.

5) If you could only give one piece of advice to a growing Worship Leader, what would it be?

Truly value rest.  Stop believing that busyness is always good.  God Himself rested after creating the world, & if He needed rest, we better believe that we do.  Jesus slept on a boat during a storm in Mark 4 while his disciples were freaking out.

Jesus values resting.  We shouldn’t believe that numerous coffee meetings per week will make the week more important or productive.  God wants us to rest more than most of us do.  (Psalm 127:2)  This sounds cheesy, (& it rhymes) but if you don’t truly rest, you can’t offer up your best.  I’m not a fan of hearing people at rehearsals & on Sundays say that they are so exhausted.

We could all be a better steward of our time & make sure that we have taken the time to rest, be still & allow our minds/bodies adequate time to relax before we dive into a busy day, especially a day in which God is allowing us the privilege of leading His people.

Also, deciding to not say ‘yes’ to everything in our path goes hand-in-hand with rest.  Resting is not the same as laziness, so my advice is that all worship leaders put a greater value on the gift & necessity of rest.

I love Jordan’s heart and perspective of leading worship.  His thoughts on rest are so important for anyone, especially for those on your team who volunteer their time after working all week.  And Jordan’s answer to #4 is the ONE THING I think most young worship leaders need to know before we give them space on our platforms.

Like I mentioned earlier, Jordan & his family are finishing their year doing missionary work down in Costa Rica.  As their time is ending, they are doing a final push to reach their funding goal for their trip.  I want to encourage you to take a minute to check out their Go Fund Me campaign and help them reach their goal before they return home soon.

CLICK HERE to Check Out Jordan’s Go Fund Me Campaign

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