5 Game Changing Resolutions for Worship Leaders

5 Game Changing Resolutions for Worship Leaders

With the start of a New Year comes everyone’s favorite guilt-filled tradition: Resolutions. Every year we make these decisions to see change in our lives, and it seems like most of us can’t get the traction to see that change come to fruition.

However, I believe that resolutions can be great tools, if we put a structure in place to measure our progress with the resolutions! There are tons of great systems that you can use to keep track of and measure your resolutions, and I would suggest reading up on S.M.A.R.T. goals to get you started.

BONUS TIP: I just found an app that I’m really loving called Way of Life that helps you to track habits in a way that helps you to see how you’re doing along the way. It’s simple, and FREE when you track 3 or less things (it’s only $4.99 to go unlimited).

As Worship Leaders, we can make some resolutions to see some real growth and changes in our leadership, musicianship, and even in our walks with God. I took the time to think through it for myself, and I’ve got a list of 5 resolutions that could be real game changers for ourselves as Worship Leaders.

Check out the list and feel free to change, shift, or even add your own!

1. Read Your Bible . . . Everyday.

This seems obvious, but I believe that most of us have a hard time being consistent with reading the Bible, I’ll even throw MYSELF into that group! Just like we read in Matthew, our spirits are willing but our bodies, or maybe our discipline is weak.

I know that when I’ve been able to be more and more consistent with my Bible reading, everything else in my life is always better. I want to redouble my efforts to not only read my Bible every day, but to spend time in intentional prayer for at least 5 minutes. Lets put our egos aside and be honest about how we can ALL be better about reading our Bibles.

2. Resource Your Team Better.

One of the best things we can do as Worship Leader for our team is to resource them better! This could be videos to help them learn parts, intentional coaching & feedback to help them grow, and finding any way that you can put the right tools in their hands.

Resourcing YOUR team will look different than resourcing MY team, and no one is better equipped to resource your team well than YOU! My advice: Ask your team what they need. Take the time to learn where they need help and find resources to help them grow, musically, spiritually, & in their leadership.

3. Learn to Rest.

I think it’s fair to say that most of us don’t do a great job of resting regularly. Failing to rest will ensure that we head towards burnout. Worship Leaders tend to be very hard workers, which can be a great asset but also a heavy weight around our necks. While resting will cost us some time, learning to rest will help us be more effective in less time.

I believe that we should be resting weekly, monthly, quarterly, & yearly. Weekly – Find a way that you can decompress from Sunday. Monthly – Try and take at least one Sunday off a month. Quarterly – Get away with your spouse to get a breather. Yearly – Take a personal retreat to think, plan, and process.

4. Plan to Grow.

We all WANT to grow, but we don’t all PLAN to grow. This year, take the time to create a plan that will help you grow, in whatever way you need. This could be mapping out time in your week to do certain things, or even finding others to hold you accountable.

I had a great band director in high school who first told me “If you fail to PLAN, you plan to FAIL.” I couldn’t agree more with that sentiment. Simply taking the time to create a plan for your growth will increase your chances of actually sing change in your life significantly.

5. Get More Organized.

Yup, I went there. I think that most of us creative type get away with being a certain degree of disorganized because it kinda comes with the territory. However, this year, I want you to make the choice to finally get organized!

I’m not just talking getting personally organized (like cleaning your office, your inbox, or even your to-do list), but get your team stuff organized too. With some intentionality, you can do things like getting a few weeks ahead with your set lists, clean up some systems you need to have down pat, or anything else that will benefit your team. Bottom line: Take the time to get organized so that you can do even more in 2016!

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