4 Simple Worship Principles from Joshua | Part 3

4 Simple Worship Principles from Joshua - Part 3

So far in our look at the story of Joshua, we’ve observed two principles to be true about our worship:

1. There Will Always Be Obstacles to Worship

2. Authentic Worship Requires Holiness.

Today, we’ll look at another facet that is required of authentic worship, specifically concerning where we worship.

3. Authentic Worship Needs a Home

If you read through the first chapters of Joshua, you will see that the first thing the Israelites did was build an altar.  This was something that would serve as a reminder for them and for generations to come of what God had done.  The main purpose of this altar was to establish a permanent site for the worship of God.

Joshua knew that his people, and especially himself, would forget what God had done in the desert once they were in the Promised Land.  Joshua recognized the importance for there to be a sanctified, permanent place to worship God.

Much like Joshua and the Israelites, we are prone to forget what God has done in our lives.  We are grateful and worship in the moment, but we so easily let these moments pass from our focus.  I’d also dare to say that not many of us have a private place of worship reserved for the Lord.

We may sing and lead our congregations in worship on Sunday mornings, but what about Monday through Saturday?  Is there a place we retreat to that is reserved for the Lord?

This has been something I’ve definitely struggled with.  Because of my tendency to forget what He’d done and to ignore my personal worship of Him, I, and we, should intentionally establish our own “altar,” a private place of worship that is reserved for the Lord.  The time we worship the Lord privately is essential to our effectiveness as leaders in the Church.

Is it important for you to privately worship the Lord?

Do you have a place set aside just for Him and your private worship?

Share your thoughts and ideas!


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