4 Simple Worship Principles from Joshua | Part 2

4 Simple Worship Principles from Joshua - Part 2

Last week, we started our look at the story of Joshua and the first principle about worship we found:

1. There Will Always Be Obstacles to Worship.

I don’t know of a single person who hasn’t seen this principle in their life, so we should take notice and equip ourselves with faith that only comes from God.

Today, we’re going to continue in our look at the story of Joshua, as he and the Israelites moved into the Promised Land.

2. Authentic Worship Requires Holiness

Before God could allow His people to enter into the land that He had prepared for them, they had to first prepare themselves.  God had them wander through the desert for 40 years to clear out the people of the generation that turned from Him, and He wanted the Israelites, including Joshua, to prepare themselves to enter.

God required that Joshua and his people repent and put off everything that was unclean.  God wanted His people to be holy, or set apart from the people they were about to encounter in this new land.

Just like Joshua, we can’t expect for God to receive our worship as acceptable if we have unrepentant hearts.  God isn’t expecting us to be perfect, but He does ask us to repent and turn to Him and His ways.  Joshua needed to prepare himself and his people to worship the Lord by pursuing holiness and obtaining a repentant heart.

The same is true for us today.  To be able to authentically worship the Lord, we must pursue holiness through repentance and the work of the Holy Spirit.  The word repent gets a bad wrap, and basically means “to turn from,” so don’t be spooked by such a traditional word.

I think its important to note here that holiness and perfection are not the same thing.  Perfection is a personal, individual pursuit, for the purpose of bringing honor to ourselves.  Trying to be a perfect guitar player, teacher, parent, or anything reflects our greatness and glory.

Holiness is a selfless, submissive pursuit, for the purpose of bringing honor to what we set ourselves apart for.  In this case, we honor God with our efforts to be set apart, rather than honoring ourselves by trying to be perfect.

Pursuing holiness in our work, relationships, and lives will prepare us to walk into what God has for us in the days ahead.

When was the last time you repented of your sin and intentionally pursued holiness?

Is holiness a priority in your worship of the Lord?

Share your thoughts!


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