4 Simple Worship Principles from Joshua | Part 1

4 Simple Worship Principles from Joshua - Part 1


Joshua was the man who succeeded Moses as the leader of Israel.  Though Moses had lead the Israelites out of Egypt and through the desert for 40 years, it was Joshua that God chose to lead His people into the Promised Land.

Joshua is known for his leadership skills and military prowess, but there is a lot we can glean from Joshua as worship leaders.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll take a look at four principles of worship that we find in the story of Joshua as he lead the Israelites into the Promised Land.

5 Questions with Chad Jarnagin

5 Questions - Chad Jarnagin

I had the pleasure of meeting Chad a few years ago right after I took my first full-time Job at a conference in Nashville.  I was so new to everything, that I was a freaking sponge, trying to soak up as much as I could.  I’m glad Chad was around that week for me.

Chad is not only talented and thoughtful, but he also cares deeply about the people he’s leading, which comes across in how he speaks to people from stage.  It was very helpful for me to see someone be more than a song singer, and then to be a normal person off the stage as well.  I was grateful to see that you didn’t have to fit into a specific mold to be an effective worship leader. 

Chad is a recognized musician, songwriter, liturgist / worship leader, speaker, and consultant.  He is the Founder of LUMINOUSproject (Contemplative | Sacramental | Liturgical) and Pastor of Luminous {Anglican Parish}, a church plant in Nashville launching in early 2016.

Make sure you stay plugged into the whole post, and see how you can get a FREE copy of Chad’s most recent album with LuminousCITY at the bottom!

How to Prepare for the Weekend

How to prepare for the weekend

The Dirty Word

Preparation seems to be the word that the talented ignore and the developing dread, yet the excellent maximize.

Most who are naturally talented at something tend to ignore preparation, resting on their abilities to pull them through.  They get it done, but they don’t grow and don’t usually achieve excellence.

The developing dreads to think about the work that goes into preparing to do whatever they do.  Since they are committed to growing in their craft, they know the preparation that is needed is daunting and often takes a lot of effort.

How to Introduce New Songs | What We Do at Journey

How to Introduce New Songs - What We Do At Journey

In the last few posts (Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3) in this series, I’ve outlined a few key principles for developing a strategy for implementing new songs with your church.

Teach the songs.  Know your church.  Have a Plan.  

While I’ve included a few examples of how this might look, I wanted to provide a glimpse of what we do at Journey.  In fact, our strategy at Journey goest against one of the key points I outlined, but I’ll explain why these rules are meant to be broken, and should be bent to fit your church.

Our Current Strategy

I’ll start with our overall structure.  We plan songs at least 2 weeks up to 6-8 weeks out.  By being this far out on our programming, we’re able to make course corrections if needed.  For instance, we have introduced a song, then it tanked, and so we pulled it.  There is no need in riding a song that doesn’t work based on a structure or plan.

5 Questions with Casey Darnell

5 Questions - Casey Darnell

Casey is a guy that I’ve heard such great things about from friends who have worked with him.  Whether it be leading at a camp or on a Sunday morning, Casey is talented and has a heart to truly lead whoever he is with.

The thing I love most about Casey, which you’ll get a taste of below, is that he gets that life is more than the next event or gathering, and that the best way he can lead worship is by following Jesus off the stage, loving and leading his wife and girls as best he can.  

Take the time to dig into Casey’s thoughts, cause I walked away with a better appreciation for what it looks like to lead worship off the stage as well as you lead it on the stage.  Check it out!