| Summer Break 2015

Summer Break

If you haven’t noticed, we haven’t had any new posts on here in recent weeks.  I could give you a bunch of excuses or tell you how crazy life has been (which it has been), and tell you about some crazy dental work I’m having done (which I’m probably under some AWESOME anesthetics) but, honestly, I’m not even sorry!

Sure, I love providing great content here for Worship Leaders and those who want to grow as leaders, but I love my family more. When it comes to deciding between new content and family, they always win.

Not only that, I feel like if I tried to cram writing into the small cracks in my life right now, the content wouldn’t be up to the quality I think you guys deserve. I want to continually produce awesome content that helps you grow as leaders, and I don’t want to put out sub-par content because I suck at managing my writing time right now.

So, for the next few weeks, there will not be new posts on In this time, I’ll be working on some new content, new post series, and even some awesome 5 Questions posts we’ve got coming up, including leaders like Leslie Jordan from All Sons & Daughters, Andi Rozier from Vertical Church Band/Harvest Bible Chapel, and others.

In the meantime, why don’t you check out some of these popular posts:

I hope you’re enjoying your Summer, I know I’m going to enjoy mine over the next few weeks. I’m working on some awesome stuff for the end of Summer & Fall, so get ready for what’s next on!

What to Look for In a New Set Design

Two Key Questions You Should Ask

What to Look for in a New Stage Design

In the modern North American church, creating a engaging set design for your stage has become almost a foregone conclusion.  “What’s your set look like?” is a common question you’ll hear at conferences and see on message boards online.

Personally, I think that a great stage set is an easy way to help create an engaging environment for people to worship as the gathered church.  It can help draw people in even before a service starts and help stir people’s imagination as they turn their hearts and mind to God.

5 Questions with Fred McKinnon

5 Questions - Fred McKinnon

I’m a huge fan of guys who are invested in the local Church, and Fred is one of those guys.  Fred leads in a little slice of heaven called St. Simons Island down in Georgia.  He’s been leading worship for over 20 years, and has been leading in the local church for almost as long.

He’s more than your average singer with a mic & 4 chords, as he has a composing and theory background as well as some interests in e-commerce.  I appreciate guys who want to do more than simply write some charts and setup a rehearsal, but rather want to see Jesus made known through a thriving and healthy worship ministry.

I think you’re really going to dig Fred’s responses, so go ahead and dive in!

How to Have Better Rehearsals

5 Be’s to Improve Your Team’s Rehearsals

How to Have Better Rehearsals

Every musician has been to them.  The bad rehearsal.  It takes everyone forever to get setup, no one really came prepared, and everyone leaves feeling defeated, like they wasted a few hours of their time.

Worship Leaders & church bands are not immune to these unfortunate experiences.  I’ve had my fair share of rough rehearsals that felt unproductive and maybe even unhelpful.  As the leader, you can feel pretty disappointed after these rehearsals, especially if they happen more often than they should.

While we can’t sit at home with all of our musicians to ensure that they prepare like we hope they would and we can’t be in control of everything leading into a rehearsal, there are certain things that we can and should influence.

The Stage and The Booth

Why Your Relationship with Your Production Team Matters

The Stage & the Booth

On any given Sunday morning, there are many teams of volunteers working to provide a place for people to gather at your church.  These teams all work in concert with one another (ideally) to create this environment for people to come into.  However, there are two teams that work together so symbiotically that the other wouldn’t be able to function without the other:

The Music Team & The Production Team

Without the Production Team (meaning in this post those who run any tech for a gathering, i.e. Audio, Lights, Screens, Streaming, etc), the Music Team wouldn’t be able to practically lead the church.  They wouldn’t be lit, easily heard, or even able to communicate clearly to a group of people like that.

Without the Music Team (meaning the band that leads during a gathering), the Production Team wouldn’t have a compelling presence on stage to communicate with & through.  They could roll videos or make the stage look cool, but they wouldn’t have a person to help them connect with their church family from stage.

5 Questions with Alex Sasser

5 Questions - Alex Sasser

I’m so excited to introduce you to today’s worship leader, Alex Sasser.  Not only is she an incredible worship leader, she is the wife of a recent 5 Questions member, Jordan Sasser.

Alex is a recently new mom of a beautiful little girl, Westlund, and is currently finished a year of missionary work in Costa Rica.  Alex and Jordan simply exude joy in their relationship with each other and with the Lord, and they are both incredibly talented worship leaders.

I was so excited to hear that both Alex and Jordan wanted to be a part of 5 Questions, and I’m eagar to see the insights from this husband/wife perspective.  Be sure to read all of Alex’s story of how she became a worship leader, I love how honest and encouraging it is.  I know you’re going to love this post, check it out!

Intergenerational Worship

4 Ways to Encourage It at Your Church

Intergenerational Worship

We’ve seen some pretty incredible growth and change in the American Church in the last 20 years.  Not just growth in numbers, but also in diversity and variety when it comes to practices in the church, specifically in worship.  Now more than ever, there are so many “flavors” of worship: Rock & Roll worship, RnB worship, Traditional worship, Blended worship, Folk worship, and the list goes on.

Besides Jesus & specific denominations, worship style is probably one of the more defining characteristics of a church in America.  While this myriad of options is beautiful and helpful to communicate the Gospel in fresh & new ways, an unfortunate perception, or perhaps even a deception, has been cultivated in the Church: there should be different kinds of churches for different kinds of people.

Unfortunately, this division is most apparent in two key demographics: Age & Ethnicity.