A Clean Stage is a Happy Stage

How to Create a Visually Appealing Stage

A Clean Stage is a Happy Stage

Ok, I need for you guys to be good with me getting really nit-picky for a few minutes.  This is one of my more annoying characteristics, but I believe that the details matter!

One thing that I’m a very big fan of is a clean stage.  Why?  Because it communicates a few things to your church:

• You take seriously what you do on stage.
• You want to bring your best, in every aspect, to God.
• You want things to be clean & welcoming for guests.

5 Questions with Jordan Sasser

5 Questions - Jordan Sasser

Part of why I love the 5 Questions so much is it gives me the opportunity to introduce you to some of my friends who are talented worship leaders.  Jordan Sasser is one of those guys.  I know Jordan from college, and the only thing that surpasses his incredible musical talent is his love for God and his family.

Jordan has had the opportunity to lead worship for many churches, including North Point Community Church & others in the Atlanta area where they live in the states, but he is currently finishing a year of living in Costa Rica with his wife, Alex, and their new daughter, Westlund (#GirlDads).  Check out the end of this post to see how you can help them meet their funding goal before they head home!

I’m so glad Jordan was willing to share his responses with us, there is so much great stuff in here.  Also, Alex is an incredible worship leader, and will be sharing her 5 Questions with us soon!  Take your time and dig into his responses, I know you’re going to love getting to know him!

What You Say on Stage Matters

Theologically, Pastorally, & Logically

What You Say on Stage Matters

Speaking on stage during a worship gathering is a bit of a touchy subject with some people.  Some believe that there should be complete freedom to say/do anything as they feel lead, where others believe every moment should be programed to the minute.

In my opinion, when it comes to speaking during a service, worship leaders have to find a sweet spot on a spectrum between two extremes: The Song Singer & The Second Lead Pastor.

An Awesome PCO Charting Update

Full-screen Editing, New Chart Types, & More!

Awesome PCO Charting Update

In case you couldn’t tell, I LOVE Planning Center Online!  Their Services app has changed the way that I do my job on a daily basis, and they continue to get better and better.  I love them so much that I wrote a PCO charting guide to help you learn how to make the best charts of your life (which you can get for FREE HERE).

Just they other day, they dropped this huge update on us that has made creating the best charts of your life even easier.  Lets start by checking out their intro video and we’ll dig into 3 features that I’m most excited about.

5 Questions with Bradley Hodges

5 Questions - Bradley Hodges

I love Twitter if for nothing than the opportunity it affords me to meet awesome people doing awesome things.  I remember finding Bradley a few months ago and seeing some great visual media he produced for Easter.  Since then, I’ve really enjoyed following him, reading his posts on his site, bradleyhodges.com, and gaining another worship leader friend.

Bradley’s a genuine guy with a legit heart to serve the Church and other worship leaders.  Cool thing about him is that he’s not just a worship leader, but also the Media Director for his church in Alabama.  Worship leaders often wear  hats, and I love learning from guys who wear some hats better than I do.

I know you’re going to enjoy Bradley’s responses below, so dive in and check out some great stuff.

Album Review | Invitation :: Volume One – 10,000 Fathers

Album Review - 10,000 Fathers

 Listen While You Read, & Read the Whole Review to See How You Can Get a Copy of Invitation :: Volume 1 for FREE!


10,000 Fathers is a movement and worship school dedicated to not just developing worship leaders, but rather discipling a generation of musicians who serve the church with their songs and their pastoral leadership.  Lead by Aaron Keyes & his team of teachers, 10,000 Fathers is dedicated to help men and women grow into the worship leaders the Church needs, steeped in the Word and focused on helping the local Church worship even better.

Introducing Addison Elise Denning

Baby Addie

On April 24 at 1:38am, my life changed forever when our first daughter, Addison Elise Denning, entered the world.  She was 6lbs 14oz, 21″, and has a head full of hair.

The first few days with her have been incredible, and she’s already received so much love from all her grandparents, family, and friends.  She’s eating great, sleeping great, and is definitely making good use of our diaper genies (can I get an AMEN parents?).

Abrie (my wife) has done incredibly, and I have never been more in love with her.  She’s strong and such a great mother to Addison already.  Addie’s strong like her mom, and I’m getting to be a BOSS at swaddling.

I’m grateful for all the love and would appreciate prayers for little Addie and us as we all continue to get adjusted to our new life together as a family of 3.  And yea, its WAY more awesome than you think it is!!!