My Current Gear Setup

My Current Gear Setup

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I love to see how other people are doing what I’m doing.  I love to see how guys are getting their guitar tone.  What’s their setup look like?  What do they know that I have no clue about?  I grew up with some incredible guitar players around me, so I love learning from guys who know so much more than I do.

Since I think that most of you are like me, I’m gonna give you a brief rundown of what I’m using when I lead worship.  It’s nothing sensational, and its actually really simple, which I like.

Its not the best tone you’ve ever heard, and its not the best gear either, but I’m ok with that right now.  So, in the vein of music nerdery, here’s what my gear looks like right now:

5 Questions with Chris Vacher

5 Questions - Chris Vacher

The wonderful thing about the Internet is that it makes the world that much smaller, and you can meet people you never would have otherwise.  I got to know Chris Vacher over twitter and by meeting at a conference back in the day.  Its been awesome to watch Chris do some awesome things, like the Worship Rises project & everything he’s been doing at C4 Church in Canada.

Chris love his family, loves his church, and really has a heart to help other worship leaders.  I think that comes across in his response to the 5 Questions, and I know you’re going to want to read more from him.  Check it out!

Are We Over-Thinking Scripture?

Are We Overthinking Scripture

A while back, I wrote a paper for school on the tabernacle.  You know, the place in the Old Testament that God told Moses to build, to be the very dwelling place of the Lord.

It was pretty important.  I mean, God took 50 verses just to detail its construction and purpose.  For perspective, Genesis 1 & 2, which details how God created EVERYTHING is about the same length, but I digress.

More Than Meets the Eye?

Anyways, the paper was not just about the Tabernacle and what was inside of it, but it was specifically about how some believe that everything in the tabernacle was meant to represent the person, character, and nature of Jesus Christ.  God designed the tabernacle to teach Moses and the Israelites what was to come and to be expected of their Messiah to come. Interesting thought, isn’t it?

4 Simple Worship Principles from Joshua | Part 4

4 Simple Worship Principles from Joshua - Part 4

Today is the last post of our look at the story of Joshua and some worship principles we can find there.  So far, we’ve found three principles:

1. There Will Always Be Obstacles to Worship

2. Authentic Worship Requires Holiness

3. Authentic Worship Needs a Home

Our last principle is one that is vital to understanding our worship of God and our relationship with Him.

4. Worship is a Choice

As they entered the Promised Land, the Israelites were very busy.  There was much to do as they established their residence and dominance in this new land.  They had to capture Jericho, continue a military campaign throughout the rest of the land, and take back the land as their own.

They had a few things on their plates.  There were competing demands, so they had to make choices.  Sound familiar?

5 Questions with Chris Brown

5 Questions - Chris Brown

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, you’re probably aware of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC and their incredible worship ministry, Elevation Worship.  Chris Brown is one of the worship leaders that leads this team and has helped to write many inspiring and helpful songs, like Give Me Faith, Raised to Life, & For the Lamb.

I had the pleasure of hanging with Chris not too long ago, and he’s exactly the guy you hope he would be.  Kind, generous, and a guy who obviously cares deeply about his family & church.  I’m grateful to have Chris & Elevation as neighbors in pointing people to hope in the Charlotte area, and I’m positive you’re going to get a lot out of his responses today.

Why Evaluation is Key to Improving Your Services

Why Evaluation is Key to Improving Your Services

Whether it is a performance evaluation at work or a test at school, the idea of being evaluated in our culture isn’t something we like to consider.

That’s because evaluation leads to change.

As humans, we tend to resist change. So, it would make sense that we would naturally resist evaluations.

Besides, if we want to be honest, a deep part of us (especially us Artists) doesn’t want others telling us how we should change or do things differently.

We like to be our own boss, and opening ourselves up to being evaluated gives others influence.  However, the truth is that evaluation is needed in order to improve.

Seeds Conference | Main Session 7 – Greg Laurie

Seeds Conf - MS 7

Music Recap

The night started out with You (with their “Black Keys” arrangement), You Brought Me Back to Life, Never Once (really awesome, low key arrangement), & then the opener from last year (sans Kabuki screen) Oceans into Alive.

After this, Whit came up and set up the last half of the music set.  This part started with a drama piece done by Chris Munch that they used for their “Enough” series.  This was really great, especially with how it flowed into No Longer Slaves right after.  This set ended with Pastor Willie coming up and closing it out with a call to salvation, a really moving time and perfect for leading right into Greg Laurie.

The night ended after Greg’s message with a bang by going back into All We Are with another group-wide dance party.

Message Recap: Greg Laurie

Pastor Greg’s message started with a promo for an event he’s organizing in November called Harvest America which will be held at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, TX.  It’ll be streaming live and they are aiming to have one of the largest evangelistic meetings in the history of North America.

He started with the idea that we all have a race to run, and that it isn’t about just how we start the race, but also how we end it.  He quoted a stat that for every 20 people who enter ministry, by age 65, only 1 will still be in ministry.  That seems about right.